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Flat rate Repairs includes 

All parts and labor 

Perform preventive maintenance/repair of common failures of particular terminals 

Troubleshoot and replace all defective components 

Test and Repair Radio replace the digitizer and any falling rubber bumpers replaced the yellow trigger. 

Replacement of worn keypads if needed. 

Turnaround time is 24hrs...... 

120 day warranty on repair performed 

We will reload software if provided with software.

Clean and remove all debris from outside and inside of terminal. 

Clean all circuit boards. 

Perform complete diagnostics testing on all barcode scanners.  

Check primary and memory backup batteries. 

Replace all lithium backup batteries with new ones if needed. 

Quality control prior to shipping by one of our technicians.

Flat Rate Repair covers all failures with the exception of abuse or excessive physical damage. 

Excessive physical damage will be evaluated and priced accordingly before unit is repaired.

Motorola vc 5090 flat rate repair

  • Motorola VC5090 repairs

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