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Repair Services


Usbarcodes repairs all types of barcode scanners and Apple products.

For more than 20 years Usbarcodes has been repairing all types of wireless handheld barcode scanners.

 benefits from using Usbarcodes are the following:

  • Our standard no charge 90 day performance warranty

  • Delivery within 3 working days after receipt

  • Premium 1 day turn around

Barcode scanner repairs

  1. All repairs are performed in house by our highly trained technicians . Quick turn around is doing all the work in house not relaying on other dealers or 3rd party salesman that say they have a repair center.


flat rate

exchange program

With over twenty years of repair knowledge. Our vision is to deliver  functional, reliable and cost effective repairs that fulfill your business. Repair Services is USbarcodes main business. We stand behind what we do by giving warranty on the work we do and can refurbish or upgrade your equipment. Call us at 727-697-0194

upgrade your barcode scanner


UPGRAD YOUR HARDWARE don't know what to do with your old gear!

 If you have currently upgraded your equipment and are looking  to recycle your legacy equipment maybe old telxon's turn these useless items into repair credits, we are happy to help. Email us any time for a fast response.

USbarcodes Inc

Tech center

Our technicians are friendly and work in a very laid back stress free environment.

24/7 real time infared camera surveillance

With an HD infared night vision camera system and  a ADT pulse system your equipment while in house is pretty safe. We are insured if you need our certificate.

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